Adam Dawkins

📔 📄 v0.7.5

Mainly changes in the admin section to allow me to add syndicates to posts manually, but also noticed microformats were all off for articles, and some other fixes.

Version 0.7.5 (2019-1-22)

New features

  • ✅ Add syndicate form, re-organize adam section: c8fb81c
  • ✅ Add syndicates to article page, and remove from articles in list: 61871d5

Bug fixes

  • 🐞 Add nbsp to Dragon Drop: 288d73a
  • ♻️ Add syndicates in a way that does not break existing note partial: 704b7c7
  • ♻️ Improve display of multiple syndicates in posts: c98af64
  • 🐞 Add microformats to article page: 4d0719b
  • ♻️ Improve microfomats on Articles in list: 593493d

...full changes