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Webmentions are here! v0.7.20

The horrible feeling when moving away from silos to an Indie Website is, ironically, perhaps, one of isolation. Webmentions are key to addressing that - and now, I'm sending them!

The spec isn't complete, it doesn't send webmentions to in-reply-to URLs, it doesn't do Original Post Discovery if I reply to a tweet. But... it's up.

I used heavily in the testing, but I did make sure my
spec file matched @aaronpk's W3C spec, almost word-for-word.

I've filled this update with links, hoping it'll send a load of mentions out, but it might just blow up with a whole load more bug-fixes.

Version 0.7.20 (2019-2-9)

New features

  • Send webmention successfully: 4e27f7f
  • ✅ Webmention Sender matches W3C spec: 1feae4f
  • Send webmentions on post creation: 784d576

Bug fixes

  • 🐞 Update auto-link regular expression: c9b28fd
  • 🐞 Add a link to the image in a link preview: c63233f
  • 🐞 Match mixed-case @mentions: f2a16e1
  • 🐞 Fix call to delete_note_from_silo on Post delete: 9feb5f6
  • Add Sidekiq and Procfile: a19a2ba
  • 🚀 Enable Heroku Ruby Metrics: 79a87d4
  • 🐞 Fix the hexes that have been added to all slugs: 5e22176

...full changes