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Meaningless Friday

Today is called Good Friday.

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An Introduction to Hyperapp - Part 5

Let's start to tidy this up. First we'll add some styling. Hyperapp elements can take a style object, much like React, but for our simple styling purposes, we'll just add a stylesheet and some classes.

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An Introduction to Hyperapp - Part 4

Our Hangman works now, but it's got a bit of a way to go before we'd really want to show it to anyone. Anyway, before we think of ways to jazz it up, let's look back at our original MVP list:

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An Introduction to Hyperapp - Part 3

In Part 1, we introduced the basics of Hyperapp, and in Part 2, we did a rough sketch of the game of Hangman in code. But we're not going to win any awards just yet - the user can't actually do anything.

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An Introduction to Hyperapp - Part 2

Now that we've got Hyperapp installed, we're ready to try and make some steps towards our goal: Hangman.

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An Introduction to Hyperapp - Part 1

Building interactive UIs on the modern web can be a daunting task. If you're a junior developer, making the jump from jQuery to a ‘full’ Javascript UI is massive. For seasoned developers, keeping your application architecture error free and simple is hard-work, and there are as many different best practices for React, Angular and Vue as I've had hot dinners.

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Eric Cantona 2019 UEFA President's Award Speech (full transcript)

“As flies to wanton boys, we are for the gods. They kill us for the sport.”

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The Hunt for the missing /: A story of anchors, location and Internet Explorer's pathname

There’s a really nice way to get the pathname off URLs that aren’t the current window.location. If you set them as the href of an anchor element, the anchor element actually implements the same location Protocol as window.

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Webmentions are here! v0.7.20

The horrible feeling when moving away from silos to an Indie Website is, ironically, perhaps, one of isolation. Webmentions are key to addressing that - and now, I'm sending them!

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Added @username and URL autolinking to notes.

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Mainly changes in the admin section to allow me to add syndicates to posts manually, but also noticed microformats were all off for articles, and some other fixes.

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Changelog: v0.7.2-0.7.4

The site is starting to get a few more features now, to the point where I might be able to start using it properly.

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Why enterprise software is terrible.

Technology, for the most part, is becoming more usable. I’m writing this post on Medium, and it feels as good as my favourite Desktop word editor. Afterwards, I’ll mention this post in an email that I’ll send out painlessly via TinyLetter. I only had to type a few letters of the band I wanted to listen to into Spotify’s search, and they came up top of the list.

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