Adam Dawkins


IndieMark is a set of metrics for measuring the indieweb-ness of a site, and a step-by-step approach to incrementally adopting indieweb features on your site.

This is the Indiemark checklist for

Level 1 (1.0/1.0)

#ownyouridentity (0.2pts)

Personal domain that you use as your primary identity on the web.

#useyouridentity (0.2pts)

Setup Web sign-in for login, create user page on

#ownyourdata - two permalinks (0.2pts)

Post some kind of original cont on your own site

#ownyourdata - h-entry markup (0.2pts)

h-entry mark up of posts

search (0.2pts)

Allow robots to index, post content in HTML and site-specific searchability

Level 2 (0.3/1.0)

h-card contact info and icon of yourself on home page, suitable for others to add to their mobile device home screen. (0.1pts)

name, url, and photo at a minimum. More info would be great. Ok to use a separate about page for more info as well.

multiple post types required

I.e. Implement any two or more of: notes, articles, replies, bookmarks, rsvp, checkins, photos, videos, audio, event, comics

POSSE support multiple post types to applicable silos

POSSE support multiple post types to applicable silos that you list as "other profiles" as part of authentication, with either proper "u-url u-uid" links back to originals, and/or proper POSSE permashortlinks/permashortcitations back to originals, to enable original-post-discovery.

POSSE-only type (0.1pts)

e.g. all your tweets (posts to Twitter) are always just POSSE copies of posts from your site, then you get 0.1 points for each post type that you POSSE from your site to tweets up to the max total POSSE points.

UI to cause POSSEing OR minimal configuration for auto-POSSE (0.1pts)

minimal UI to cause POSSEing to happen if you POSSE semi-automatically (i.e. automatically compose POSSE content, post to silo via their API, or at least bring up a form where all you have to is click one button/link to complete the POSSE). OR minimal POSSE configuration/meta-info for POSSEing automatically (per-post, or default for all posts)

Simple navigation

simple linear previous/next navigation between posts

Simple search UI

Search UI and results for your content using an external search provider UI (e.g. Google) to provide time ordered results

aggregation / syndication

autolinking of URLs, @-names, simple embeds of external resources (images, link previews), e.g. in notes posts

Web Actions

one or more hard-coded actions for your most used silo (e.g. Tweet actions) if any, with <indie-action> element wrappers for all actions in your UI - so others can override them with their browsers to reply/favorite/repost to your posts on their own site.