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I can't help but think the word `php` being referenced 3556 in my project, all exclusively in .phtml files is unnecessary.
#php #help #whysougly

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@melissaflobix oh I love this so much. Adorable.

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@thhamilton I just can’t believe they didn’t check how shit TIG looks as an acronym

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@mutablejoe is 4-4-2 the new modern system this country needs?

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@varjmes Eeesh... 😬

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@varjmes Do you still have a stove?

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@techgirl1908 😂🙄😬🤦‍♂️🙈

This is a note that I'm going to send some webmentions to in the hope that I can recieve them.

All I want for Christmas is for @Keir_Starmer‬ to run for Labour leader.

So... Bees understand the concept of zero. What?!

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@alochico 😂😂😂

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@stubbornella the details here intrigue me... how?!

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@SpringerByron @SbethCaplin - you win! Goysplaining it is!

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@SpringerBryon oh yea I got it, I’m with you! I hoped during my reply I’d come up with something funnier, but alas no. It’s like they’re talking down to @TheRaDR on two axes: mansplaining to the more qualified woman and [this]splaining to the Jewish person. Maybe we can go with “Churchsplaining” - at least makes Jesus once removed from these pricks... 🙄

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@garybernhardt the amount of replies listing these... 🤦‍♂️

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@SpringerBryon Christsplaining is probably a little unfair on Jesus. 😂

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@TheRaDR I think much of the Protestant root of this portrayal of Judaism comes from the Reformation. I was brought up quite literally casting “The Jews” of the NT into the role of Luther’s Catholic Church.

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@unclecrispies to be fair, she said “might”... mind you, that’s still more certainty than the instigators of Brexit I guess...

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@TheRaDR I’ve started to notice a similar thing on fast days as I’ve followed the Orthodox Church calendar. I never like doing them, but there’s something powerful behind the discipline and repeated practice I think.

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@TheRightMelissa @realDonaldTrump How has this not been ratio’d?

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@TheRightMellisa @realDonaldTrump ‪How has this not been ratio’d?!‬

Is Donald Trump stealing @JudahWorldChamp’s act?

This man is a parody of himself!

If I have got Webmentions working, I can go to bed. Talk to me

(FFS: I'm talking to URLs)

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@joncstone It definitely isn’t.

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@SidWright8800 @twlldun ‪I really want there to be a joke about a community of Jewish ants I could put here...‬ I’ve got nothing.

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@Baddiel I think it’s that the Left wants to be anti Western-imperialism so feels a need to ally with one of its old “enemies”. Bit odd though, I agree.

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@girlziplocked a lack of hope.

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@notbeforenoon @alex_segura I'll take it.

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@adamdawkins @alex_segura It’s not like we can’t say “panino”

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@alex_segura Panini is plural

Is it a rite of passage for a US president to start an illegal war now?

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@ItsuOfficial I’m just still not over the fact that somebody ever thought “original” and “medium” were two valid sizes to put together..

This might just be my favourite commons speech of all time. Thank you @jessphillips

Your reminder that any morality in Capitalism has been imposed on it from the outside.

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@jackmjenkins Grapes of Wrath

“Where is our faith as a community? Who are we becoming for the sake of the world?” - Tracey Cotterill @latimerminster

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@twlldun the bigger question is: “why is Venezuela italicised?”. (Not bigger, just... annoying)

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@johntnorris @ItsuOfficial Did we ever get an answer?

The Slack Logo Creative Meeting:
"We want something cleaner."
"Baths are clean... *writes down rubber ducks*"
"And clearer"
"You know who were really clear about their intentions... the Nazi's" *adds a swastika*

Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

I just had articles and notes pages give up on me for separate reasons.

All squashed now. (v0.7.8, v0.7.9)

I still think the most ridiculous thing about the new Slack logo is how bland and unrecognisable it is. My thumb hovers for ages while I try to find it on my phone.

What's the most popular track you skip on an album?

@johntnorris, mentions work in my notes now ;) - (can't track your reply or like yet... 😬)

The biggest challenge of our times is to come together and unify the location of plug sockets in cafés.

I just added some basic auto-linking to notes on my site (this is proof), stealing heavily from @kylewm's Python port of @t's CASSIS-autolink.

I can't put it on Articles yet, because they're converted from markdown to HTML first, so I was getting some double-linking of hrefs, which is dealt with here:

The strange thing about Brexit is that it is happening, and yet has the slow drag of something that isn't. Like a glacier that is slowly melting, but will immediately become a torrent of icy water on March 29th.

This "tweet" originated on! #posse

Here's to reaching IndieMark 0.8!

A test post on my own site!